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Hertz Sellout

All of the products shown in the picture are for sale. These are the products that are currently in-store. Once they are sold, they are gone.

Alcohol Detection System

Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS) is a leading ignition interlock company in the United States. An ignition interlock device is a breath alcohol analyzer connected to the ignition of a car. A vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device cannot be driven unless the driver passes the unit’s breath alcohol tests. ADS has been providing services for a variety of clients in numerous locations, and AutoDV8ions is one of them.

Call us at 814-201-2456 for inquires.

JVC Sale

We currently have all of our JVC products that we have in-store on sale. All we have for JVC are speakers and decks. What is shown in the picture is all thats for sale.

WeatherTech Dealer

We sell all types of floormats, cargo liners, rainguards, and more from WeatherTech. AutoDV8ions is a WeatherTech Diamond Dealer. Stop in or call us for any questions or quotes for WeatherTech!